Thank you very much for interest to my cattery.
I breed the Bi-Color, Himalayan,Colorpoint Exotic, Persian and Exotic CPC's since 1998 year.
Registered with CFA,T
ICA, FIFe and WCF.
My cattery's name is "Lusi Maor".
Lusi Maor is small cattery located in Israel.
All my cats are not caged.
I'm working with Persians & Exotic with PKD negative lines from:
Boberans, Jubileum, Cattilak, Artemis,Noblessa,Magic Kiss,Sunny Sabra, Sandypaws, Iz Goroda na Neve, Larimyr, Isan, Brigantina, Oakheaven, Purringwood. And all of them are constant participans in shows.
All breeding cats are tested for PKD DNA NEGATIVE, HCM, FELV, FIV(all negative)